1. LeafLink Integration Overview

Updated 1 year ago by Jeffrey Wright

LeafLink is a marketplace for cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers who want to streamline the ordering process and simplify communication. LeafLink’s marketplace includes a CRM, and order management tools which will be used in conjunction with or instead of Flourish’s Outbound Order module.

 The integration between the two systems is comprised of:

  1. Inventory- We keep inventory in sync live between Flourish and Leaflink
  2. Orders - Orders from Leaflink to to Flourish. Flourish sends order status updates back to Leaflink.
  3. Customers are kept in sync between the two systems
  4. Items are kept in sync between the two systems

Flourish and LeafLink built this integration to help clients provide real time visibility to inventory and avoid duplicate data entry. This integration makes the sales process more efficient for cannabis producers and processors who rely on LeafLink to sell their products to dispensaries and delivery services.

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