Mobile App Outbound: Add Orders to Shipment

Updated 1 month ago by Kyle Cemate

You can quickly add an order to a new shipment or an existing shipment from the mobile app. In just a few taps you can build out an entire shipment with orders.

User permissions required:

  • Settings > User Roles > Mobile Application tab > Outbound > Create Shipment
  • Settings > User Roles > Mobile Application tab > Outbound > Edit Shipment

Add an Order to a New Shipment:

  1. Navigate to the Outbound module:
  1. Select Orders by tapping the radio buttons on the right of each order row:
  1. Select New Shipment, select teh shipment Departure Date/Time and the shipment will be created (tap Save Shipment to save).

Add orders to an Existing Shipment:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Then, instead of choosing to create a New Shhipment, tap the Existing Shipment button. You will see a screen with all existing shipmnted that are not shipped yet. Tap a shipment to select it:
  1. Confirm adding orders to this existing shipment:
  1. Save the shipment.

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