4. Inbound

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Inbound is where you'll create purchase orders for receiving inventory into the system. Flourish inventory tracks both cannabis/hemp and non-cannabis/hemp goods. Users assign costs, lot number, partially or fully receive goods, and push the PO to external accounting systems within Inbound.

For METRC customers, when you receive an inbound transfer into the system, not only will this show up in the Transfers tab, but Flourish will also automatically create a PO so that you can assign unit costs to the incoming packages.

Tutorial: Create Purchase Order


1 Open Flourish Software and navigate to Inbound from the left side menu. 

Step 1 image

2 Click Create new purchase order

Step 2 image

3 Select delivery method. For this demonstration, we will be creating an inbound purchase order to be delivered to our location. Click Local Delivery

Step 3 image

4 Select the appropriate vendor. Vendors need to be created in settings to be selectable in this drop-down menu. Click GreenCoast-Escondido. 

Step 4 image

5 Click Save

Step 5 image

6 Click Add New

Step 6 image

7 Select the Item Name that to attach to the inbound purchase order. For this demonstration, we are creating a purchase order of Bulk Flower from GreenCoast-Escondido. Click Bulk Flower.

Step 7 image

8 Select the appropriate strain. For this demonstration, we are creating a purchase order of Bulk Flower of the strain Chemmy Jones. Click Chemmy Jones

Step 8 image

9 Enter in the Qty. Ordered. 

Step 9 image

10 Click Done Editing

Step 10 image

11 Click Save

Step 11 image

12 A Purchase Order pdf has been automatically generated. Click Export PDF. You can now email the pdf to your contact at GreenCoast Escondido. Congratulations! You have successfully created a purchase order. 

Step 12 image
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