Inventory Counts

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Inventory Counts

Inventory Counts is a tool to quickly reconcile your physical inventory to your Flourish inventory and any externally connected systems. Count inventory using the Flourish mobile app, scanner, in the web app, or print out the counts in a template to submit for review, and make adjustments for any discrepancies within the tool. Filter to certain areas (and other filters) to limit what inventory you're counting, and even configure the counts to be "blind" so that only a reviewer can access the expected counts by item or package.


Configure Inventory Counts to either hide expected quantity or not (blind Inventory Count) within Settings > Configuration under Inventory.

Note: for non-Cannabis inventory, be sure there is an adjustment code configured with type "Inventory Adjustment." Find this under Manage Settings > Inventory, then edit Adjustment Codes.

Start an Inventory Count

  1. Navigate to Inventory, then Inventory Counts.

  1. Select New Inventory Count.
  1. Choose between Inventory Counts by Packages (quantity per package) or by Item (count packages per Item):

There are two sets of filters:

1. Cannabis, Non-Cannabis, Locked, or Unlocked (choose one, or the default is All)


Header filters to count by Area/Location or maybe a specific Batch/Lot, use the filtering capabilities. Otherwise all Inventory under the facility will appear. Available header filters are:

  • Item
  • Item Description
  • Lot Number
  • Area
  • Location
  • Package ID
  • Item Category
  • Part Number
  1. Enter the counts per package or item line for:
    1. Available inventory (not assigned to order) or
    2. Assigned (assigned to an order but still in the facility)
  2. Click Submit for Review

Now, someone with User Role permission to Review Inventory Counts can log in to view the counts before completing them.

Once an Inventory Count is submitted for review, a reviewer will choose between three views:

  • All (view all inventory for the facility, counted or not)
  • Counted (only packages or items with counts submitted will appear)
  • Discrepancy Only (only those with a differing Actual vs. Expected Qty will show up)

From here, a reviewer can make the adjustments for all missing inventory with any notes needed for compliance reasons before completing the count or save to come back to later.

Note that each adjustment follows the same rules as Inventory Adjustments from the package or item itself.

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