Creating a Fresh Frozen Package

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The plants have completed their "Flowering" life cycle, and are ready for harvest. There are two different ways of capturing this in the platform. Both methods need you to have the item already set up in your item master, with the correct source type for that item in order for it to be created.

Method 1 is for cultivators who are going to be freezing the entire plant, grinding it up, and extracting it using heat and pressure. This typically yields a "Live Resin" product, and uses the whole plant rather than just the top colas.

  1. The first step for this would be to harvest the group once it is complete in the Flowering Phase. This will prompt you to move the plant to the drying tab, and in turn as you to select the room the group will be moving into. As well as the date you moved it.
  2. The second Step would be to find the group under the "Drying" tab at the top of the screen, and enter in the Wet Weights for each strain in that group.
  3. Under the "Action" item selection for the group, click the "Create Package from Harvest" Icon and select your Fresh Frozen item.

For Metrc Clients you would then need to assign this newly created package a Metrc tag number. (See how to upload Metrc Tags for further assistance.)

Method 2 is for cultivators who are just taking the tops of the plants they want to package up immediately for Fresh Frozen. This is strictly a Flower item.

  1. You will select the plant group in Flowering you would like to harvest from. Under the action box on the right, select "Manicure Group".
  2. You will then give the manicure a name and move it to the drying tab.
  3. The manicured group will show up under the drying tab with a "(m)" at the end of the name you gave the group at the previous screen.Here, you will enter the weight of the harvested plants.
  4. Once the weight is entered, select the "Action" item at the top right, and then select "Create Harvest Package" and select the Fresh Frozen item for creation.

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