Accounting Analytics

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Flourish Software Analytics dedicates an array of reports devoted to accounting, focusing on cost.

Follow the steps below to find the reports:

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Select Report / Accounting

Reports and data

Choose the report you need according to this table:

The report

The data in the report

Inventory Adjustments

The total cost of the adjustments of cannabis and non-cannabis items.

Cost of BOM inputs

For a specific date, displays the input Items used on the Bill Of Materials.

Inventory Snapshot

Inventory snapshot occurs at 3:00 am ET/midnight PT.

This report covers all on-hand inventory.

Defaults to 'Yesterday,' The report calculates the cost of the cannabis and non-cannabis items in the inventory. 

Use this report in the COGS calculation.

Returns: Retail Point of Sale

The quantity and cost of retail items returned for a given period, and the restocking cost.

Sold: Item Summary

By Item - the cost of the items on outbound orders that are shipped.

Sold: Outbound Order Details

By Order - the cost of the items on outbound orders that are shipped.

Sold: Retail Point of Sale

Total amount and quantity sold through the retail point of sale by order line for the date range selected.

Receipts: Purchase Order Line

The cost of the items on inbound.

Set the status of the purchase order to find the relevant to you.

Use this report in the COGS calculation.

COGS Calculation

Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) represent the expenses involved in producing your goods over a certain period. 

The COGS formula is: 

COGS = starting inventory + purchases + adjustments – ending inventory.

Use Flourish Software Analytics for a monthly calculation:

The calculation for a month:

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