Manufacturing Module - Overview

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Cannabis exists in many forms. Based off the state in which you operate there is most likely classes and categories that designate how all of the cannabis items you have in your possession need to be set up via "Type" "Class" and "Category". (For more information see ________)

The Manufacturing module is designed as an Input/Output system and can be used in any case where you want to create a log of what went in and what came out during a "Run Type" based off what "Machine" was used. (To see how to configure these in your instance see ________.) Primarily this module is used when you are taking cannabis product from one "Type, Class and Category" to another. Because Lab Tests and results are applied to Lot numbers, it is in this transformation and creation of new product that we assign a Production Batch number that we can apply test results against. (To see more about Lab tests and test results see ________.)

METRC: A Production Batch is applied to newly created cannabis items, usually in a different physical state that it was before the manufacturing process. Checking the box will put this new production batch number or "P.B. Number" into Metrc.

An examples of this workflow would be:

  • Machine - Co2 Extraction
  • Run Type - Winterization Crude
  • Input - Biomass Packages
  • Output - Crude

The Input/Output functionality of the manufacturing module could also be used to track other processes. For example if you wanted to track a trimmers Input/Output:

  • Machine - The Person Trimming
  • Run type - Trimming
  • Input - The amount of untrimmed cannabis weight
  • Output - Would be what you received back from the trimmer

This concept can be applied with any Input/Output process, and all logs of this are reference-able in the module for later reference or record keeping.

METRC: At the time of output the system will ask you to assign a Metrc tag number to the newly created inventory, this new inventory package will show in your Inventory Module and be Synced to Metrc.

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