California Excise Taxes

Updated 2 years ago by Hardik Tuteja

Outbound Orders: Excise Tax for California

Flourish automatically calculates taxes on sales orders in some states. We are continuing to develop the tax calculation's flexibility due to varying business requirements.

Excise tax rates

For distributors selling to any other retail:

  • Arm's Length: 27%

For distributors who own their retail, the Non-Arm's Length tax rule applies. Pick from one of the following options depending on which license you use to collect/pay taxes:

  • Non-Arms length: 30%
  • Non-Arms length: 15%

For samples ONLY, there is a usage tax that can be applied

  • Usage Tax: 9.5%

On an Outbound Order (in states where this has been deployed), the tax rate can be selected from a dropdown.

The tax breakdown will also appear on the Flourish invoice.

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