Setup Hypur Debit Manual for Retail Point of Sale

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Flourish supports using a debit card as a payment method at the point of sale through our partnership with Hypur. There are two ways to use this payment method:

  • Manual - The customer pays via a terminal at the point of sale. The debit card is charged, and the payment amount and transaction ID are recorded manually.
  • Automated - The payment terminal is integrated with the point of sale. The point of sale handles making and recording an electronic payment.

This article documents the manual payment method.


This help document covers the following:

Sign Up with Hypur Debit

You must sign up for the service and be approved before using it. Learn more here: Hypur Debit Card Processing.

Set Up Hypur Debit - Manual

Follow the steps below to enable the option to collect Hypur Debit - Manual payments at your point of sale.

  1. Click to go to Settings.
  2. Select .
  3. Next to the facility, click the to CONFIGURE.
  4. Select Payment Methods.
  5. Click .
  6. Scroll down and toggle 'On' the Hypur Debit - Manual option.
  7. Set your preferences:
    1. "Allow as refund method for returns" - check the box to allow refunds to be made using Hypur Debit Manual payments.
    2. "Enable reconciliation against external system" - check the box to enable (manual) e-payment reconciliation.
  8. Click to set up the transaction fees and refund limits (see Payment Method Configuration below).
  9. Click the to close the "Configure Hypur Debit - Manual" modal.
  10. Click on the top right of the screen.

Payment Method Configuration

Set up a transaction fee

To configure a standard transaction fee, please follow the steps below:

Hypur will charge transaction fees to the customer directly at the time of payment via the external card terminal. The transaction fees are recorded alongside the payment transaction in Flourish but do not factor into the order total price or the "total paid".
  1. Click Yes next to the "Transaction Fee Charged to Customer?"
  2. Select the option per transaction and fill in the numbers:
    1. Dollar Fee - charges a flat amount per transaction.
    2. Percentage Fee - charges a percentage of the payment transaction amount.
    3. Percentage + Dollar - charges both.

Limit the Days to Accept a Refund

To set the time limits for refunds in this payment method, please follow the steps below:

This should align with your refund policy.
  1. Click 'Yes' under Time Limit for Refunds in Payment Method?
  2. Enter a value for the "Max Number of Days Since Purchase to Allow Refund" field.

Don't forget to Click the to close the "Configure Hypur Debit - Manual" modal and click on the top right of the screen.

Use Hypur Debit - Manual

Charge a debit card

Follow the steps to charge the debit card when you complete a retail purchase.

Processing a Refund

Follow the steps to refund a Hypur Debit - Manual Transaction.

Reconciling Transactions (E-Payments)

Follow the steps to reconcile Hypur debit when you reconcile E-Payments.


We added the Hypur Debit Manual transactions details to several reports:

Company Level

  • Retail - Cash on Board (Company)- find in Settings / Analytics / Retail - Cash on Board (Company)
  • Returns Report - find in Settings / Reports / Returns Report.

Facility Level

  • Returns Report - find in Reports / Point of Sale / Returns Summary.
  • Till Events Report - find in Analytics / Reports / Retail - Till Events.
  • Till Transaction Report - find in Analytics / Reports / Retail - Till Transaction.

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