Mobile App Login

Updated 5 months ago by Kyle Cemate

First, download the mobile app from the Google Play store here.

Logging into the Flourish Mobile app is a two-step process. You will use the same username and password as the web to initiate the login. What is different from the web app is a PIN number to confirm the facility you are logging into. We have this additional log in step to ensure security.

User permission required:

  • Settings > User Roles > Select (or create) a Mobile Application User Role
  • Settings > Users > Select the User > A Mobile Application role > Apply the Mobile Application User Role
  1. Open the Flourish Mobile App, and enter the Username and Password and tap the Sign In button:
  1. On the settings screen, select the Facility and the Scanner Device. If the device has a Zebra or Koamtac sleeve, that will be a Scanner Device option, along with the device's camera. Tap the Save button:
  1. Enter the PIN:
  1. Then you'll see the Flourish Mobile App homescreen. Settings can be accessed the settings by tapping the setting icon in the top right:

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