Mobile App Outbound: Allocate/Deallocate Packages to an existing Order

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Our mobile Android scanner app helps allocate cannabis inventory to orders quickly and efficiently. There are two main workflows:

Mobile allocation workflow #1 (steps below): Create an order with order details prior to allocating packages.

Mobile allocation workflow #2 (click here for steps): Build an order by scanning packages and simultaneously add order details and allocate inventory.

  • Both workflows are very similar. For users that want to use workflow #2, there is a facility setting that turns off an extra screen asking the user to add new order lines when scanning packages of new items/strains.

For workflow #1 - Create orders with order details prior to allocating packages:

  • User permission #1: Settings > User Roles > Select Role > Mobile Application > Outbound > Allocate Order
  • User permission #2: Settings > User Roles > Select Role > Mobile Application > Inventory > Split Packages
  1. From the Android app homescreen, navigate to the Outbound module.
  2. Once on the Outbound module, you'll see rows of existing orders that were already created in the web app or mobile app. Tap on an Order ID to open an order:
  3. On the Order screen, the allocation user scans each package and the app will automatically allocate it to the correct order detail based on the package's item, strain, and lot number (if sell by lot is configured for the facility). In this example, the user scanned a package of Lemon OG Cartridges, and the package has been allocated to the order line:

...and if you would like to confirm each package prior to allocating it, simply enable the facility configuration in Settings > Configuration > Outbound section > 'Show confirm allocation modal in mobile' and users will see this confirmation pop-up upon scanning each package:

  1. If user scans a package that EXCEEDS the quantity remaining to allocate for that order line (based on the item/strain/lot), there will be a split package screen. User can:
  • tap the 'Over-Allocate the Full Package' link and the package will be over-allocated to the order detail (more on over-allocation in step 5 below)
  • or simultaneously split the existing package, create a new package with the quantity needed to allocate, and allocate the new package to the order detail
    • When splitting the package in a METRC facility, the user selects the new package ID by either:
      • scanning a new (unused) package tag
      • tapping the 'Use Next Tag' button to automatically select the next up package tag for the new package
      • manually select a specific METRC Package ID from the list
      • user will then see a confirmation screen to confirm, which creates and allocates the new package
    • When splitting the package in a Non-METRC facility, the next up package ID will be automatically selected. User will print the new Non-METRC package label from the web app.
  1. If the user chooses to over-allocate an order line, they can quickly update the quantity ordered to match the amount that was over-allocated:
  • tap into the order detail
  • on the order detail screen, tap Match Allocated
  • the order detail and order will be updated automatically
  1. If user wants to deallocate any packages, they simply tap into the order detail, and then tap the remove X icon next to the package in the order detail screen (shown above). A pop-up will confirm removing the packages.
  2. If user scans a package of an item/strain/lot that does not already exist in an order detail, user will see this 'New Order Detail' screen in which the user can:
  • Tap the 'Add Detail & Allocate Entire Package' button and a new order line will be added with the scanned package's item/strain/lot, and the package will be allocated simultaneously
  • Or split the package if the quantity exceeds the amount you'd like to allocate to a new order detail
  • Note that users will only have this ability if the Editing is enabled in the mobile user role permission
  1. User continues to scan packages to the order and the mobile app will automatically apply packages to the correct order details based on item/strain/lot, or will automatically display the correct screen discussed above to allow the user to over-allocate inventory, split a package into a new package, etc.

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