Mobile App Outbound: Build Orders by Scanning and Allocate Packages

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Our mobile Android scanner app helps allocate cannabis inventory to orders quickly and efficiently. There are two main workflows:

Mobile allocation workflow #1 (click here for steps): Create an order with order details prior to allocating packages.

Mobile allocation workflow #2 (steps below): Build an order by scanning packages and simultaneously add order details and allocate inventory.

  • Both workflows are very similar. For users that want to use workflow #2, there is a facility setting that turns off an extra screen asking the user to add new order details when scanning packages of new items/strains:
    • Facility configuration: Settings > Configuration > Outbound section > 'Mobile allocation - scan packages to build orders'
    • User permission #1: Settings > User Roles > Select Role > Mobile Application > Outbound > Allocate Order
    • User permission#2: Settings > User Roles > Select Role > Mobile Application > Inventory > Split Packages
  1. From the Android app homescreen, navigate to the Outbound module and tap the 'Create New Order' button:
  1. On the Create New Order screen, select the Destination and Requested Delivery Date/Time:
  1. The order has been started and is ready to be built:
  1. The user scans the first package and the first order line is created (showing the item name) and the package allocated to it simultaneously:
  1. If the user scans another package with the SAME item, strain (if required), and lot number (if sell by lot is enabled), the 2nd package will be added to the same order detail and:
  • the quantity ordered will stay the same as the quantity of the first scanned package
  • the quantity allocated will increase accordingly based on the quantity in the second package, which will over-allocate the order detail and display an error icon and quantity in red text. This is just to let the user know that this order line is currently over-allocated
  1. The user continues to scan the packages for this item/strain/lot. In this example, the user intended to have a total quantity ordered of 1,000 eaches. So they scanned 10 packages of the Lemon OG Cartridges (100 in each package).
  • Then the user will update the quantity ordered to match the amount that was over-allocated:
    • tap into the order detail
    • on the order detail screen, tap Match Allocated
    • the order detail and order will be updated automatically
  1. User can also deallocate packages by tapping the remove X icon next to any packages in the order line screen (shown above). A pop-up will confirm removing the packages.
  2. If the user scans a package with a DIFFERENT item, strain (if required), and lot number (if sell by lot is enabled), the 2nd package will be added to a new order detail and the package will be allocated simultaneously:
  1. User taps the Save Order button to save the order.

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