Charge a debit card with Hypur Debit - Manual

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  • The clerk charges the customer on an external terminal. After a successful transaction, the clerk records the details in Flourish Software.
  • When performing the sale, the fees are added automatically, and the client approves the total sale, which includes the fee.

Record the payment in Flourish

To record payments via a debit card using Hypur Debit - Manual please follow the steps below:


Flourish Software Payment Screen

  1. After selecting the Till, Select Manual Payment.
  2. On the Payment Method drop-down, select Hypur Debit - Manual.
  3. From the Sale Debit receipt, locate the TXN ID and enter it
    into the Hypur Debit - Manual Transaction ID field.
    (An example of a sales debit receipt):
  4. Enter the payment amount (not the Total Amount) from the receipt
    into the Payment Amount field, or click on the amount under Use Remaining Amount.
    1. If this is a split payment, enter the amount to be paid by debit first.
    2. If the entire amount is being paid by debit, click the Use Remaining Amount box.
  5. Note the Projected Fee and the Projected Total. Do not include the fees.
    Note the amount under should match the amount in step 4.
  6. Click

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