Flourish Woocommerce Integration Setup DIY - Start here!

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WooCommerce is a WordPress-based plugin that enables cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers to set up their e-commerce menus and streamline ordering. The integration makes it easy for you to fulfill WooCommerce orders via the Flourish Software outbound module.

Before you start, check out our WooCommerce Integration Overview.

Technical Notes

  • WP Webhooks Pro and WooCommerce API Call action: The integration will utilize WP Webhooks Pro to accept webhooks and map data. The "WooCommerce API Call" action will handle order creation.
  • Leveraging Flourish's APIs and Webhooks: Flourish External API will be utilized for data flow and mapping.


  1. A Flourish instance is created. 
  2. Flourish data is cleaned up.
  3. WordPress site is created.
  4. WordPress data is mapped with Flourish data (for operators with existing WordPress sites)

Ready? Let's get to work!

Flourish Wholesale Portal
The articles below focus on the Flourish WooCommerce Integration Setup for Flourish Wholesale Portal.
  1. Things to do before setting up the Integration.
  2. Setting up and activating the Integration.

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