Analytics - Cultivation - Open Harvests report

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Use this report to display harvests that are not completed and see what you did not package yet.

The report

Follow the step below to view this report:

  1. In Your Cultivation facility, go to Analytics.
  2. Select Reports / Cultivation or Reports / All reports.
  3. Next to Open Harvests, click .

The report displays the harvests and the current remaining (unpackaged) weights:

The Drying phase:

  • Whole wet weight

The Processing phase:

  • Dry Flower weight.
  • Dry Popcorn weight.
  • Dry Fan Leaf weight.
  • Dry Trim weight.


  • Harvest Name - search for specific harvests.
  • Strain Name - search for particular strains.
  • The filter Created Date matches the harvests "Moved to drying" date.
  • Harvest Status
    • Drying: Display the harvests in the Drying phase.
    • Processing: Display the harvests in the Processing phase.
    • Manually Completed - Display the completed harvests.

Please ignore the Status filters below. They are not in use at the moment: 

  • Batched
  • Cancelled
  • Created

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