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Getting in touch with Flourish Software Support

In addition to this guide, you can reach us by submitting your questions, comments, and/or concerns by:

  1. navigating to the Flourish Client Support Service Desk,
  2. or you can contact our experts directly by calling: +1 (844) 226-5444,
  3. or via email at

Our Service Level Agreement ("SLA")


  • Flourish Software Support is available for trouble ticket repair and basic training on the following:
    • From 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific on weekdays. 
  • Callers are provided the option to leave a voicemail that will be transcribed and sent to
  • If the call goes to voicemail, we strive to return according to the priority.
  • When submitting a ticket via the portal, the clients have the option to select the priority. The support agent will adjust the priority of an incoming ticket according to the Flourish Software Support Priority Levels listed below.
  • Flourish Software Support will provide a case number for all incidents and requests.
  • Future: Advanced configuration or emergency issues between the hours of 5:00 pm Pacific and 5:00 am Pacific will be routed to on-call personnel.

Flourish Software Support Priority Levels

The priority levels described in this section are reflective of the impact of issues or deficiencies on the client's business operations. We shall use the following as a guideline in assisting client POC in determining the appropriate Priority Level to assign and record for each deficiency.

  • Any custom application changes or software development will require a review of requirements before a resolution/completion time frame can be given. In addition, work requests involving configuration changes for multiple facilities may be treated as a project and require additional time.
  • Response times refer to requests submitted through:
    • the Flourish Software Client Support Service Desk,
    • Phone: +1-844-226-5444,
    • and email: and exclude requests sent through other channels, including emails or calls directly to Flourish Software personnel.
  • Contributing factors outside of Flourish Software control will be reviewed with client POC and may extend resolution times.
    • These factors include client-provided hardware, operating system, non-Flourish Software applications, Internet connection, LAN connectivity, etc.
  • The priorities are defined here:

Ticket Priority Level


Target Response Time

Target Resolution Time

Highest, High

Priority 1: Highest 

  • Any system outage  
  • Inventory qty is wrong, inventory is missing   
  • The client is “out of compliance” if an inspector walked in that hour  
  • The client can’t complete work in front of them. No workaround.   

Priority 2: High 

  • Interrupted workflow, but has a workaround  
  • Issue of low priority has not been resolved for a while

A Flourish Software Support representative will strive to respond within 1 hour.

24 hours


Priority 3: Medium  

  • Starting priority for all issues  
  • The fix can wait for the next release date  
  • Reporting issues. Ex: Ancestry report not working  

A Flourish Software Support representative will strive to respond within 4 hours.

72 Hours

Low, Lowest

Priority 4: Low 

  • Small UI issues  

Priority 5: Lowest 

  • The feature is not used often 

A Flourish Software Support representative will strive to respond within 24 hours.

90 Days

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