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Flourish supports selling inventory by Batch on Leaflink. Batch is referred to as Lot within Flourish. It's common to sell products like Wholesale Flower by harvest batch since the testing results, quality, and other factors often set the market price. When a buyer places an order for a specific batch of product in Leaflink, the batch number will sync to Flourish on the order line.

Currently, Flourish Software does not manage the batches in LeafLink. If you want to set up and sell by batches/lots, set up the batch number and quantity directly in LeafLink using a matching the lot number in Flourish Software and input the required fields. The Flourish team is working with Leaflink to support live batch listing, and this help document will be updated when we release this functionality.


  1. Create the batch record in LeafLink and ensure that the batch is associated with the lot number for one or more products in Flourish.
  2. Allow buyers to designate the batch when they add the product to a LeafLink order. 
  3. The order will sync from LeafLink into Flourish with the production batch number. This will display as the lot number on the order line.

NOTE: When an order line in Flourish has a defined lot number, you will only be able to allocate inventory of that lot number to the order line.


In this example, the Batch "Batch: 24-T-IA-001" is associated with several products:

Batch "Batch: 24-T-IA-001"

The LeafLink order line has a Batch designated with one of the associated products:

Leaflink order line has a Batch designated

You can see the Batch as the Lot # when the order syncs to Flourish.

You can see the Batch as the LOT# when the order syncs to Flourish.

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