Retail POS - Refund a Hypur Debit - Manual Transaction

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Refund or partially refund a customer Hypur Debit - Manual purchase in the Retail Point of Sale by following these steps.


Refunding steps

  1. In Flourish POS, navigate to Shop > Sales History.
  2. Using the filters and search bar, locate the order that needs to be returned.
  3. Click Return in the far-right column to begin the return process.
  1. Select the correct till from the Select Till dropdown. Sometimes you will need to confirm your selection.
  2. Use the arrows or type in the Return field to enter the number of items to be returned.
  3. Repeat step 5 for each item on the order that needs to be returned, then click Next.
    The POS will display the "Step 3: Return Details" screen:
  4. On the "Step 3: Return Details" screen, submit the amount to refund (REFUND AMT) for Hypur Debit - Manual.
    You can also click on APPLY MAX ALLOWED refunding the maximum for the payment method.
  5. Process the refund on the External Card Terminal.
  6. Get the Transaction ID from the External Card Terminal.
  7. Type the Transaction ID in Flourish POS
  8. Enter a Reason For Return.
  9. If the customer is returning a non-cannabis item, you can check the Restock checkbox to add the item back to your active inventory.
  10. When everything is complete, click the Complete Return button.
    You can refund up to the amount that was charged to the card. The ability to complete a refund on the card can also be time-limited to a certain number of days after the original purchase, depending on the facility's payment method configuration.

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