Refreshing Inventory Count Details

Updated by NIr Malchy

Sometimes, a user can start an inventory count, and before the count is completed, different users can assign inventory to orders or manufacturing runs, which creates confusion and discrepancies.

We created the process below to resolve the discrepancies.

The refresh inventory count detail feature is only available for Inventory Counts of type Enter Package Quantities.


If you are running an inventory count, and the quantity of Available Inventory or Assigned Inventory does not make sense to you, you can do the following:

  1. Get details for all the open assignments of the inventory (e.g., to an open retail or outbound order or to a manufacturing run).
  2. Take any actions needed to reconcile the numbers. For example, perhaps the retail order was left open when it should already have been canceled and the allocation released.
  3. Refresh the list of open assignments after making any changes.
  4. Refresh the expected Available Inventory and Assigned Inventory quantities for the package/inventory being counted.

Refresh The details

While reviewing the submitted inventory count for a package/inventory record:

  1. If the Expected Qty does not match your expectations, click the icon to open the Package/Inventory Count Details screen.
  2. This screen shows you the open assignments for the package. You can click the link to open a new tab for the retail/outbound order or manufacturing run where the package is assigned.
  3. Act on the order or manufacturing run if needed.
  4. Go back to the Package/Inventory Count Details tab and click on the refresh button on the Open Assignments grid to fetch any updates.
  5. The screen is updated with the current quantities. Now you can click the button to do the following:
    1. Take a new snapshot of the package/inventory Available Inventory and Assigned Inventory quantities at the current time. Any entered values for the Actual Available/Assigned quantity will not be changed.
    2. If there were already a Discrepancy Reason Code selected and/or Discrepancy Notes entered, these would be cleared.
  6. Proceed with the count.

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