Retail Discounts — Order Attributes

Our sophisticated discount engine allows you to target certain order attributes to improve discount flexibility. This means can apply discounts to in-store orders only and even limit discounts to certain times and days of the week (And much more!).

You can stack multiple order attributes for a finely-tuned discount.

Looking to target specific customers? Check out our article on targeting customer attributes.

Adding Order Attributes to a Discount

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Retail > Discounts.
  2. Start creating a discount or edit an existing discount.
  3. Under Target Orders by Attribute, click Add New Attribute.
  4. Select the attribute from the dropdown.
  5. Configure the order attribute as you'd like it.
  6. Add more by following steps 3 - 5 until you're satisfied with your discount.
  7. When you're done, click Save.

Available Order Attributes

Fulfillment Type

An order's Fulfillment Type is determined by how you intend to get your product to your customer.

Orders created in the POS are In-Store orders, while orders created on the web can be Pickup or Delivery orders. Our current fulfillment types are:

  • Delivery
  • Pickup
  • In-Store

Order Minimum

Order Minimum is a dollar amount. If the cart’s subtotal is lower than the order minimum, the discount cannot be applied. A customer's cart is only eligible for the discount if the order’s subtotal is greater than the order minimum you define.

If you want to limit discount eligibility by the number of items in a customer's cart, Advanced Discounts may be what you're looking for.

Order Origin

You can select Order Origins if you'd like to create a discount based on where the order is coming from. This allows you to target orders created in Flourish directly vs. orders placed online. Our current order origins are:

  • Flourish
  • Online
  • Flourish External API

Specific Times

You can specify certain dates and times that you'd like your discount to be applied.

If you set the discount to a time frame, and your sales do not match this time frame, your discount will NOT be applied or available to apply automatically or manually. See more below.

The discount below is configured to be eligible only during the week of 04/18, only on Tuesday through Thursday, and only between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Date Range

You can select a start and end date for your discount. It will only be valid between the two dates.

Specific date and time range

  • Click the (Show Start and End Times), to set the discount is active within a particular date and time range.
  • You can further refine the attributes by setting Days of the Week or Daily Time Range using the other toggles.

In this example, the Discount is active:

  • From 11/16/2021 at 6:00 PM to 11/23/2021 at 7:00 AM
  • Only on Tuesday and Thursday within this date and time range.
  • Only between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

If you update a discount's date range after the order has been created, the discount cannot be applied. The order will need to be canceled and re-created to apply the discount.

Days of the Week

You can select which day(s) of the week you want your discount to be active. When this is toggled on, any day in green is a valid day for your discount. Days in white are not valid for your discount. If all days appear in white, the discount will be available every day of the week.

Time Range

To refine things even further, you can set a window of time your discount will be available to use. The time range is in your facility's local time, so you'll never need to worry about timezone issues! Set a start and end time to limit when the discount can be applied.

If you set a time range, your discount will be available if the order is created during the specified time range.

Important to know

If you set the discount to a time frame, and your sales do not match this time frame, your discount will NOT be applied or available to apply automatically or manually.

How do we ensure your sale is within the time frame of the discount?

  • For Pickups and Deliveries - we use the ‘Created’ time-stamp.
  • In-Store - we use the Check-in Time stamp.


You set a discount between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm; In both cases below, the discount will not be available manually or automatically for this client:

  • You check in a client to the store at 12:55 pm.
  • You created a pickup order or a delivery order at 12:55 pm.

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