Manifesting in Flourish for BioTrack Clients

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Creating the Sales Order

To ship inventory to a destination, we must first create a sales order in Flourish. Flourish can also accept an order programmatically from a third-party system such as Leaflink, WooCommerce, or something similar. If the order is already placed in order, skip this module. 

  1. Navigate to the Orders module.
  2. Click “Create New Order”.
  3. Select the customer.
  4. Select an Item.
  5. Enter the quantity ordered.
  6. Enter the selling price.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6.
  8. Enter other details as needed.

Video - Create an Order

Allocating the Sales Order

  • Allocation means assigning inventory to the order. 
  • Picking means pulling inventory off a shelf or out of inventory
  • Packing means putting inventory into a container 
  • Split is equivalent to Sub-Lot in BioTrack
  • Package and Barcode are used interchangeably

Allocate within the order

This is the standard way of allocating and is recommended to start with.

  1. Edit the Order.
  2. Click the allocation symbol.
  3. Select a package.
  4. If you split inventory from that package, click the icon to create a new package.
  5. Review the details.
  6. Confirm the split.
  7. The inventory is now assigned to that order line.
  8. Repeat for additional order lines.

Video: Split and Allocate

Barcode Scanner Allocation

  1. Ensure the configuration is turned on and a barcode scanner is communicating with the order.
  2. Edit the order.
  3. Start scanning.
  4. Observe the allocation.
  5. Note: Review the allocation rules.

Video: Use a barcode scanner to allocate

Bulk Allocation from Inventory

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Click Bulk actions.
  3. Select or scan inventory.
  4. Select or create a new order.
  5. Confirm.
Video: Bulk Allocation

Removing an Allocation

  1. Edit the order.
  2. Open the allocation screen.
  3. Click the package to unselect it.
  4. Save.
  5. Good to know:
    1. Cancelling an order also unallocates the allocation. 
    2. This action doesn’t return inventory to the parent tag.
Video: Unallocated and Cancel 
Allocating QA Samples to a Lab Destination

  1. Edit any order that is destined for a Laboratory.
  2. Open the allocation screen for a given order line.
  3. All available packages will be greyed out as they are not QA Samples.
  4. Click the animated green plus button to create a new QA Sample.
    There is no need to pre-split packages for samples since this process allows you to allocate and split all in one action.
  5. After the sample has been created, it will be allocated to the selected order line.
  6. Changes will be applied even if you don’t click the Save button.

Creating the Manifest

Learn more about BioTrack Manifest Requirements.

  1. Navigate to the Shipment screen.
  2. Create a new shipment.
  3. Fill in the required fields.
    1. Driver
    2. Second Driver
    3. Vehicle
    4. Planned Route
    5. Time of Departure
  4. Add a Stop
  5. Select the order for that stop.
  6. Designate the estimated arrival time.
  7. Save the shipment
  8. Click “Create Manifest” to push to BioTrack.
BioTrack Connecticut Update - Click To Expand
BioTrack has imposed a 24-hour restriction on creating a manifest for non-lab destinations without QA samples (In other words, you could only Manifest lab samples to labs without waiting 24 hours). BioTrack CT lifted this restriction, and we are updating Flourish to follow up on this action. You no longer need to set the "Approx. Arrival Date/Time" to 24 hours or more after you sync the Manifest.
Video: Creating a Shipment and Manifest

Edit Prices on Manifested or Transferred Orders

  • Must be done before Transferring a Manifest
  • Can also change prices after a Manifest has been Transferred
  1. Navigate to the detail screen for an Order. You can go directly to an Order, or through the Shipment detail screen
  2. Edit the Order
  3. Set pricing on each Cannabis line

Editing or Cancelling a Manifest

After the Manifests are Created, only Order line prices can be updated.
  1. Cancel the shipment
  2. Edit the order
  3. Re-manifest the shipment

Video: Cancel the Shipment

Transferring a Manifest

  1. Navigate to the Shipment screen.
  2. All Cannabis line items being sent to non-laboratory destinations must have a price associated.
  3. Click Ship Shipment

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