Manage METRC Tags

Manage METRC Tags

For METRC customers, managing your METRC tags can be done a few places. While METRC tags must be purchased from METRC, you can initialize which starting tag to use when creating plants and packages within Flourish. By default, Flourish will use First In First Out (FIFO) unless manually selected.


Plant tags are assigned at plant level in the Grow module, but the tags are not synced to METRC until the appropriate phase. For example, for California METRC customers, these tags would be reported to METRC when moved in the Flowering stage. This configuration is determined during implementation; to alter this, please contact Flourish support.


In Inventory for METRC live customers, look to the top right and click Manage package tags. Here, you can enter the starting tag number and the number of tags ordered. This lets Flourish know which tags are available for use in tagging plants and packages. Delete package tags as needed in this screen as well.


New packages can be created on the fly when allocating packages to items on an Outbound Sales Order. When allocating an order, click the green (+) button to create or split an existing package on the fly.

From here, choose the source package and then the new package tag to be assigned to the newly created package.

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