Bulk Actions - Locate Packages

Updated by Carly Westfall

You can move several inventory items to a different Area or Location all at once by using Bulk Actions.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Inventory > All Packages, then click the Bulk Actions button.
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  1. Select the Locate Packages option from the dropdown.
  2. If using a USB scanner, click Scan Packages first, then scan your package labels.
  3. Select packages to locate by clicking the checkbox.
    1. You can click the Select All Filtered Packages checkbox to select all packages displayed in the grid.
    2. You can also select packages individually by clicking the checkbox on the far left.
  1. Click the Select Area dropdown and select the correct area.
  1. Click Select Location dropdown and select the correct location.
    1. If you're not selecting a location, you can leave this blank.
  2. Click the Locate Packages to locate or move the packages.
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