Manufacturing Waste Log

Updated by NIr Malchy

You can toggle to log the waste in grams on the manufacturing run.

The system logs the waste you recorded and displays it on the Manufacturing Waste Log.

You can view, cancel and dispose of the waste from the Manufacturing Waste Log.

For METRC users: The "Total Run Waste" is only an internal field for Flourish and this data does not sync to METRC.

View The Waste Log

To view the waste log, go to Manufacturing and select Manufacturing / Waste log.

Waste Log Actions


To remove the waste record:

  1. Click Actions / Cancel.
  2. On the "Cancel Waste Record" screen:
    1. Click to confirm the action.
    2. Click 'Close' to Cancel

Dispose Of Waste

  1. Click Actions / Dispose.
  2. On the "Dispose of Waste" screen:
  1. The data you submit will display on the Manufacturing Run Waste Log:
    1. Verify the "Actual Quantity of Waste Disposed"
    2. Verify the "Disposal Date"
    3. Add a "Disposal Note (optional)"
  2. Click to confirm the action.
  3. Click 'Close' to Cancel

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