METRC Harvest: Record Wet Weight with Scale and Scanner

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Before you start:

  1. Setup your USB Scanner
  2. Connect your Scale to your PC


  1. Harvest plants into a Harvest
  2. Navigate to the harvest log screen to record wet weights
  3. Click into the Plant ID search input. Use the USB scanner connected to your computer to scan the plant tag.
  4. Observe that the plant tag search filters the grid to show only the scanned plant, and that the Wet Weight input is ready for input.
  5. Using the "print" button on the scale connected to the computer, record the weight directly into this input. When the value appears in the input, press Enter or Tab to submit the value and the cursor will be returned to the Plant ID search input and the previous plant tag value cleared.
  6. Scan the next Plant Tag, and the application auto-populates the search to show that line on the grid
  7. Repeat through the harvest to complete this

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