Clone an Existing Item or BOM

Use this FAQ when you need to clone a pre-existing item or Bill of Material. To learn more about Create a new Item or a Bill Of Materials, click on the links.

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

  1. Click Hi, UserName and click Manage Settings from the dropdown men or click the Gear Icon from the top right corner
  1. Click Inventory from the left side menu
  1. Find the similar item you wish to clone. Click Pre-Roll-Half Gram Single - Lemon Head
Step 3 image
  1. Review the item configuration
Step 4 image
  1. If everything looks good, click Back to List
Step 5 image
  1. Find the item you wish to clone and click Clone
Step 6 image
  1. Adjust the Strain and Item Name
Step 7 image
  1. Click Save
Step 8 image
  1. Click Bill of Materials
Step 9 image
  1. Click clone an existing
Step 10 image
  1. Right Click Select item
Step 11 image
  1. Select the Bill of Materials you wish to clone. Click Pre-Roll-Half Gram Single Lemon Head
Step 12 image
  1. Click Clone Variation
Step 13 image
  1. Adjust the Components of your Bill of Materials. Click the Pencil icon to modify a component
Step 14 image
  1. Adjust the component to the appropriate Qty
Step 15 image
  1. Click the Checkmark to save
Step 16 image
  1. Congratulations! You've successfully created a new item by cloning an established item. 
Step 17 image
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