METRC - Assigning Tags to Plants & Packages

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Assign METRC Plant Tags to Your Plants

Select the METRC tag you would like to assign to your group of plants. The number of Immature Plants that can be recorded on a single METRC Plant Tag varies state to state. Look to your local Cannabis compliance entity for the most up to date guidance. 

Some Helpful Tips: 

  • Bulk upload your plant tags by navigating to Inventory > All Plants > Actions > Upload Plant Tags 
  • Consume your plant tags in sequential order. This will help keep things organized

Assign METRC Package Tag to Packages

When creating packages, click to assign the desired number of Package IDs. Only the package IDs that have been previously uploaded into Flourish and that hasn't been consumed by another package, are listed as available. 

Some Helpful Tips

  • Upload your Package Tags first by navigating to Inventory > Actions > Upload Package Tags
  • Consume Package Tags in sequential order to keep things organizes 

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