CYBRA MarkMagic® Integration Setup

CYBRA MarkMagic® is a 3rd party label creation and management software. It offers you a robust and elegant solution to managing evolving compliance requirements. Flourish integrates with CYBRA MarkMagic®, allowing users to create and manage label templates in CYBRA MarkMagic® but print them directly from Flourish. Here are the steps to setting up the integration.

Please email or contact us if you are interested in the CYBRA MarkMagic® solution.

Integration Setup

  1. Click the gearbox icon in the top right of the screen to navigate to Manage Settings.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Click the Configure button in the MarkMagic tile.
  4. Copy & paste your MarkMagic API key into that field in Flourish and click Connect.
  5. You will see a success message if integration is successful.

Printing w/ CYBRA MarkMagic® Integration

With the MarkMagic integration turned on, you will notice changes to the Flourish UI when printing.

  1. Follow the standard steps to print package labels.
  2. If the integration is on, the Print with MarkMagic toggle will be on by default.

  1. Select a device.
  2. Select a format.
  3. Click Print.
You can also print using Flourish-generated templates by toggling Print with MarkMagic off.

Please see CYBRA MarkMagic® How To guide for more information on setting up devices and label templates in CYBRA MarkMagic®.

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