Retail - Mark a Completed Purchase as Cancelled

A user can mark a Completed Retail purchase as Cancelled only if their User Role has 'On' the permission to.

Manage the user access

Follow the steps below to set the user roles to enable or disable the ability to sync Outbound orders to Quickbooks.

  1. Click  Settings.
  2. Select User Roles.
  3. Make sure to select the facility you need.
  4. Click the  icon to CONFIGURE.
  5. Locate the Retail card.
  6. Next to the Update line for Purchases, click  to configure the Actions for the Retail modal.
  7. Toggle 'On' Cancel Completed Orders.

  1. Close the modal.
  2. Click Save.
Log in and log out to see the setting updates take effect.

Mark a Completed Purchase as Cancelled

  1. Navigate to the Retail/Purchases module.
  2. Search for the completed purchase you wish to mark as cancelled and click the Purchase ID hyperlink to navigate to the purchase details.
  3. Click the green Mark as Cancelled button.
  4. Select the Cancellation reason if required and confirm the cancellation.
To make Cancellation reason a required field, Require cancelation reason code must be enabled in the facility Configurations.
  1. Order is now marked as Cancelled.

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