2022.07.12 Software Release 4.65.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.65.0


  1. METRC
    1. Resync clone batches that are out of Sync.
    2. California taxes rates updates.
    3. Enhancement to harvests sync.
    4. Move harvested strains back to the Flowering phase.
  2. Inventory
    Create multiple packages with different quantities in one session.
  3. Analytics
    Enhancements to multiple reports.



Resync clone batches

In some METRC States, you must select a package tag when creating clones. If the creation of the plant batch fails because the package tag you used is invalid, you can choose a different package tag and retry the sync. Learn more here.

California taxes updates
  • We turned off the auto calculation of cultivation tax. Learn more here and here.
  • We set Arm's length excise tax to 26.25% effective 7/1/2022.

Enhancement to harvests sync

Some of our METRC people that send large harvests are experiencing METRC syncing only part of the plants. We now have a way to handle this situation and get all your plants harvested. Learn more here.

Move harvested strains back to the Flowering phase

Sometimes you need to move the strain you harvested back to the 'Flowering' phase. If the harvest status is "Not Yet Synced," you can do that by following the steps below. Learn more here.


You are going to love this! You can create multiple packages with different quantities in one session.

When you create the packages;

  • Click the sign to add another line, where you can specify the "Number of packages" and the "Qty per package (ea)"
  • Click the sign to remove the line. Learn more here.



We apprecite your feedback and constantly adding more data and power to your reports.

Wholesale Sales Dashboard:

Please find it in Analytics / Dashboards / Wholesale Sales.

When you drill down on "Gross Sales" and "Net Sales", we added:

  • Order ID.
  • Delivery date.

Manufacturing Run Details report:

Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Manufacturing - Manufacturing Run Details.

We added more data:

  • Input Item Name (next to the "Input Lot Number" column): Under 'Detail,' click 'view' to see the input data.
  • Outbound Item Name (find it next to the "Output Lot Number" column).

Plant Group History report:

Please find in Analytics / Reports / Cultivation / Plant Group History report.

We added plant group statuses "Mother" and "Dead":

Total On-Hand Inventory Value report:

Please find in Analytics / Report / Inventory - Total On-Hand Inventory Value report.

  • We added a display of the actual cost.
  • If you want to see the non-cannabis items, clear all the selections from the "Package Status" filter:

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