METRC - Undo Package - Remove a created package that is out of sync

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Sometimes you create a package, and it goes out of sync. This can happen for various reasons, and we provide the ability to retry syncing the package in that event, but perhaps you'd rather remove this package as if it had never been created. Now you can do it!

If you just created a package and it is out of sync, you can remove this package and get the quantity back to the source using the Undo Package feature!

Here is what you need to know, be sure to watch the quick video below :-)

What is Undo Package?

  1. Sets the out-of-sync package's status to Cancelled and removes it from inventory.
  2. Restores quantities to the cannabis source packages. Flourish update will update the quantity of the source packages to match the data in METRC (Flourish re-sync all the source packages from METRC to ensure no discrepancies between the two systems.)
  3. Updates the ancestry information on the source packages.
  4. Allows you to choose whether you want to make the package tag available to use again or leave it consumed.

Use Undo Package

If you just created a package that went out of sync and is still in Created status, you can undo the package.


Don't Use Undo Package

  • If the package was successfully synced to METRC before going out of sync, the package could not be undone.
  • When the package you try to undo is not in Created status. If the out-of-sync package has been allocated to an outbound order, for example, it must be de-allocated before it can be undone.
Undo Package for harvest packages is not supported yet, but soon it will be!

Video Tutorial

When you create a package in Flourish Software, that goes out of sync immediately, typically, this means METRC failed to create the package in their system. Undo Package reverses the creation of this package and puts the quantity back in the cannabis source packages.

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