Flourish Zapier Triggers and Actions

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A Zapier 'Zap' contains a trigger and an action. It is important to understand them when you integrate using Zapier.

If you're unfamiliar with Zapier or creating Zaps, check out their documentation.


Triggers are events that happen in Flourish Software and can start a Zap.

All of the trigger events use the corresponding Flourish API to see if there was a change in the data. If there is a change in the data, they start the Zap.

Here is a list of the triggers and corresponding Flourish API calls:


Corresponding Flourish API call (click to view the call).

Updated Outbound Order

Get OutboundOrders

Updated Retail Order

Get RetailOrders

Updated Inventory

Get Inventory

Updated Vendors

Get Vendors

Purchase Orders Created or Updated

Get Purchase Orders

Outbound Order Shipped

Get Outbound Orders (Only shipped orders)

Updated Strains

Get Strains

Updated Drivers

Get Drivers

Updated Vehicles

Get Vehicles

Updated Plants

Get Plants

Updated Lab Test Results PDFs

Get Lab Test Results PDFs


Actions enable you to create, update, or search for things in Flourish.

Here is a list of the Actions and corresponding Flourish API calls:


Corresponding Flourish API call (click to view the call).

Create a Retail Customer

POST Retail Customer

Create a new Retail order

POST Retail Order

Create an Outbound Order

POST Outbound Order

Create an Inbound Purchase Order

POST Create Purchase Order

Create a Shipment

POST Shipment

Create a Destination

POST Destination

Create a New Vendor

POST Vendor

Create a Vendor Contact

POST Vendor Contacts

Create Destination Contacts

POST Destination Contacts

Create a Retail Delivery


Find a Retail Customer

(requires email and date of birth)

GET Retail Customers

Find an Outbound Order

GET Outbound Orders

Find an Item

GET Item

Get Inventory Summary

GET Inventory Summary

Find a Purchase Order

GET Purchase Orders

Find a Retail Order

GET Retail Orders

Find a Shipment

GET Shipment

Find all Shipments

GET Shipments

Find a Facility

GET Facilities

Find a Vendor

GET Vendors

Find All Brands

GET All Brands

Find Destination Contacts

GET Destination Contacts

Find Vendor Contacts

GET Vendor Contacts

Find a Customer By Email

GET Retail Customers

Find a Retail Delivery

Get Retail Delivery

Find all Deliveries

Get Deliveries

Update Inbound Purchase Order

PUT Edit Purchase Order

Update Destination Contacts

PUT Destination Contacts

Update Vendor

PUT Vendor

Update Vendor Contacts

PUT Vendor Contacts

Update Outbound Order

PUT Outbound Order

Update Shipment

PUT Shipment

Update Retail Order

PUT Retail Order

Update Retail Customer

PUT Retail Customer

Update Delivery

PUT Retail Delivery

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