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Logging into the Flourish Mobile app is a two-step process:

  1. First, sign in using the same username and password as the web app to initiate the login.
  2. Second, enter your 6-digit PIN number. The six-digit pin is an extra layer of security, as well as a way to log into the app faster, rather than needing to enter your username and password each time.

User permission required:

  • Mobile User Roles (view instructions)
    • Settings > User Roles > Select (or create) a Mobile Application User Role
    • Settings > Users > Select the User > A Mobile Application role > Apply the Mobile Application User Role

  1. Open the Flourish Mobile App, and enter the Username and Password and tap the Sign In button:
  1. On the settings screen, select the Facility and the Scanner Device. If the device has a Zebra or similar laser scanner, select that option. If you’re using a Zebra or similar laser-scanner device, select that. If you’re using the mobile app on a standard Android device, select the Mobile Camera option. Tap the Save button:
  1. Enter the PIN. To pin into the app you can either:
    1. Enter the six-digit pin manually by tapping the numbers on the keypad
    2. Or print out the pin as a barcode and slide it in your employee badge for quick access.
      1. If you’re wanting to scan the pin in and you’re using a Zebra or similar laser scanner device, just tap the scan button on the side of the device.
      2. If you’re using the Android device’s camera, then tap the scan icon to go into camera scan mode, and scan your pin
      3. And then you’ll be logged in and will see the home screen with the list of mobile modules that have been enabled for this user.
      When will users need to pin in?
      • Users will see the pin screen if they restart or close the Flourish app (full swipe, closing of the app from the background). When a user does pin back in, they will be at the screen they had open last.
      • If the user switches to another app, and then switch back to Flourish app, they will not need to pin back in and will be on the screen they had open last
      • There is no timeout currently. As long as the app is open or running in the background, the user will not be prompted to pin in again.
  1. Then you'll see the Flourish Mobile App homescreen. Settings can be accessed in the settings by tapping the setting icon in the top right:

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