Opening a Till

Before you can accept payment at a register, you will need to open its corresponding Flourish Till.

  1. In the Flourish web app, click Retail > Tills > Manage Tills.
  2. Locate the Till you need to open.
  3. In the right corner of the Till's card, click Closed > Open Till. The Open Till modal will appear.
  4. Enter your beginning float in the text box, then click Open Till.

The Till you just opened will now appear in the Tills dropdown when processing payment in the POS.

Opening a Till with a Float Variance

If you open a Till but your float amount doesn't match what is expected, you'll need to reconcile the amount. You can either select a sub-vault to perform a pay-in from (if your float amount is greater than the expected amount) or record a variance reason (if your float amount is less than the expected amount).

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