2023.02.21 Software Release 4.81.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.81.0


  1. Leaflink Integration
    You can set the Status of Leaflink orders you want to sync into Flourish Software.
  2. Grow
    Added additional grid columns for dates to Plants in Vegetation, Plants in Mother & Plants in Flower tables.
  3. Inventory
    When creating a new package, the Qty per package field populates with zero instead of 1.
  4. Reporting
    Retail - Discounts Report includes Loyalty discounts.
  5. Alpine IQ Integration
    1. Set the attributes required for customer enrollment in the loyalty program.
    2. POS - Loyalty discounts are only available to redeem from the "Loyalty" tab.
  6. Retail
    Enable Add a New Physician to User Roles.


To support various workflows, you can now define which Leaflink Order Statuses you want to initially sync to Flourish. Learn more here.

If you have an existing integration and don't change anything, Leaflink orders that are in Submitted and Accepted status will automatically sync to Flourish Software.


The same as the All Plants table, the Plants in Vegetation, Plants in Mother and Plants in Flowering tables now have the option to show the Created Date, Modified Date, Created By & Modified By grid columns.

Set your view

An example for the Plants in Vegetation Grid:

  1. Click the button to enter the Plants in Vegetation Grid Settings.
  2. Toggle On the columns you want to see.
  3. Click Update.


Previously, when creating packages, the Qty per package field was automatically populated with a 1, which was causing potential errors in inputting the correct quantity. Flourish now populates that field with a zero to prevent mistakes.


Retail - Discounts Report includes Loyalty discounts.

  • Please find it in - Analytics / Reports / Retail - Discounts Report.

As part of our Alpine IQ Integration we updated this report. You can also use the "filter" to only display the loyalty discounts.

Alpine IQ Integration

Required Loyalty & Marketing Communications

Set mandatory fields to enforce when enrolling the client in the loyalty program. Learn more here.

Loyalty discounts on the "Loyalty" tab.

We got the feedback from you and made a slight change to reduce user error in the process of redemption of the loyalty rewards.

In the POS:

  • Loyalty discounts are only available to redeem from the "Loyalty" tab.
  • The loyalty discounts are not available from the "Order Discounts" menu.


We added an action level permission: Enable Add a New Physician. Learn more here.

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