Ordo Flourish Setup And Workflow

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Before you begin, check out the Ordo Flourish Integration Overview.

This article covers:

  1. Integration setup.
  2. Inventory sync.
  3. Workflow.

Integration setup

Add a Brand in Ordo

The Brand you add in Ordo must match the item's Brand in Flourish.
  1. In Ordo, Go to the top left and select Manage Organization.
  2. On the "your organization" page, select company.
  3. Click the sign next to brands.

  1. On the "Add a brand" window, type the name of the brand and upload a picture in the upload logo part. Make sure this matches the brand name defined in Flourish.
  2. Click .

Add a license

  1. In Ordo, Go to the top left and select Manage Organization.
  2. On the "your organization" page, select compliance.
  3. Click the sign next to licenses:
  4. Fill in the details and click "add license".
    The license number must match the one in Flourish.
    Currently, in Ordo, "street address line 2" is mandatory.

Flourish Integration

  1. In Flourish, Generate or Reset External API key.
    Get the following from Flourish:
    1. External API username.
    2. External API Key.
  2. Login to Ordo (you must be an Ordo Admin).
  3. In Ordo, Go to the top left and select Manage Organization.
  4. On the "your organization" page, select compliance.
  5. Click the on the flourish integration section.

Update the details from Flourish Software and click .

  1. API Username.
  2. API Key.
  3. Ordo generates the following data to submit in Flourish Software:
    1. Webhook Signing Key
    2. Webhook Endpoint URL
    3. Two Webhook Headers:
      1. Key:
      2. Value:
  1. Go to Flourish Software and add a new webhook.
  2. On the Webhook Endpoint screen, enter the data from Ordo:
    1. Endpoint URL.
    2. Signing Key (Mandatory! not optional).
    3. Click to add the two Headers.
    4. On Events to Send, click to add the following:
      1. Outbound Order.
      2. Inventory.
    Don't forget to click Save!

Inventory Sync

When you sync, the integration sends the items and their sellable quantities from Flourish to Ordo.

Flourish Software only syncs items with the following:
Brands that match the ones in Ordo.
√ All Items sync regardless of sellable quantities.

When do I sync?

  1. When you want to start working with Ordo.
  2. When you create a new item in Flourish and want to sync the item and its sellable quantity to Ordo.
  3. When you want to ensure the item and quantities are correct in Ordo. That is not required but may be useful to do periodically.
  4. When you want to sync Item data that you updated (although this may be done automatically if the inventory is adjusted or changed after you edited the item).

How do I sync?

  1. Go to Ordo / Inventory
  2. In the "inventory & allocations" screen, click on .

Creating or editing Items

Create and edit items in Flourish.  
Create an item

When you create a new item in Flourish Software, the item will sync to Ordo as long as the item's Brand matches the Brand in Ordo

In case you created a new item in Flourish with no Brand or with a Brand that does not match the one in Ordo, you will need to do the following (The item is not required to have sellable inventory in Flourish):

  1. Edit the Item in Flourish Software. 
  2. Add the Brand.
  3. Save in Flourish Software.
  4. Go to Ordo and sync.

Edit an item

If you want the edits made to an item in Flourish to update immediately in Ordo, go ahead and sync Inventory in Ordo.

The item syncs to Ordo automatically when the inventory for the item is updated.


Ready to work?

Order creating and fulfillment steps

  1. In Ordo: 'Pending' order - when the order is not ready yet. The sales agent needs to click eh 'Confirm' button in Ordo.
  2. Once the representative clicks the 'Confirm' button:  Ordo sends the order to Flourish Software. 
  3. When Flourish receives the order, the order on Ordo will transition to "Awaiting delivery".
    At this point, you cannot edit the order in Ordo. Any changes to the order are only in Flourish.
  4. Edit, allocate, and ship in Flourish Software. 
  5. Once the order is 'Shipped' in Flourish, it is set to 'Delivered' in Ordo. (Cash orders are set to Paid in Ordo).
  6. For Net Terms orders: Once a Payment Status in Flourish is Paid, the order is set to Paid in Ordo.

Partial payments are not reflected in Ordo. Only a (fully) Paid order in Flourish updates Ordo.



Flourish Order Status

Ordo Order Status


The order is not in Flourish yet.



  • Once the rep clicks the ‘Confirm’ button - the order is sent to Flourish.


“Awaiting Delivery”

3, 4,

  • Flourish Software users can update the order and save the order.
  • All order updates will sync with Ordo. See Important to know.
  • Created
  • Partially Allocated
  • Allocated

“Awaiting Delivery”


  • Flourish updates Ordo.


"Delivered"(Collect Payment).

For Cash terms - 'Paid'.


  • Flourish updates Ordo on Payment status.


Paid (for ‘Net terms’ orders only.)

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