How to create strains

Updated 1 year ago by Kelly

In Flourish, adding strains is something everyone will do. From a strain specific vape cartridge, new clones that will be taken to flower. Strains are the variation of the cannabis plant, based off of genetics. Whether you are growing an Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, or strictly CBD strain, you need to have your strains defined so you can track them accurately in the system.

The first step in creating a new strain is navigating to the manage settings screen. This can be selected by either clicking your name in the top right, and selecting manage settings. Or by simply clicking the cog wheel icon to the left of your name in the top right corner.

Next you will need to go to the "Inventory" on the left hand side, and select the "Strains" dropdown on the top right. From here you can either create a new strain or look at the strains you have on hand.

The final step is to fill out the attributes of the strain. or "Strain info". This information creates a profile or your strain. Select the most applicable options or enter in the information about that particular strain.

NOTE: The Vegetation and Flowering days attributes in the strain info will help Flourish determine when plants need to move to a new phase in the plant lifecycle, and also help you determine when a plant group needs to be harvested.

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