Retail Order Statuses

Your retail order will enter several different statuses to let you know where in the process that order is. You can use these statuses to filter orders from the Retail > Purchases by Store, Fulfillment by Store, and All Purchases submodules.

Retail orders will have a primary status as well as a payment status.

For Outbound Orders see here.

Retail Order Statuses





The initial status of a newly created order.


Order lines have been added and the Send to Fulfillment or Submit buttons have been clicked.

Your order may skip this status if you fulfill it in the POS.


All order lines have been allocated.

Packed orders are ready for checkout or to be added to deliveries.

Out for Delivery

A packed order has been added to a delivery route. The delivery is in transit.

Only delivery orders will enter this status.


The order was not able to be delivered.

Only delivery orders can enter this status. They can be transitioned back to Packed.


The order is no longer needed. Any allocated packages are unassigned from the order.

Delivery, Pickup, and In-store orders can all be canceled.


The order has been paid for in full.

Completed orders cannot be canceled or edited.

Retail Order Payment Statuses




Awaiting Payment

Payment has not been taken for this order

Partially Paid

Payment has been accepted, but there is still an outstanding balance on the order.


Payment has been accepted in full.

Orders will enter a Completed status when they are Paid.

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