Flourish - Alpine IQ Integration Overview

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Flourish's integration with Alpine IQ, the cannabis industry's leading loyalty and marketing platform, drives efficiencies and adoption by streamlining customer sign-up, integrating sales to accumulate points, and providing dynamic point redemption capabilities within Flourish's point of sale.

This integration is being released in phases with details below.

Phase 1

(September 2021)

Phase 2

(December 2022)

Phase 3

(January 2023)

Phase 4

(February 2023)

All retail sales data flows into AlpineIQ for loyalty customers to accumulate points.

Ability to sign up and update loyalty & marketing communications along with viewing loyalty status within Flourish's Point of Sale.

  • Flourish Customer Profile enhancements for added Customer contact fields & Loyalty Status
  • Alpine IQ Settings pages for bi-directional integration between Flourish & Alpine IQ
  • Flourish Discount enhancements to display Discount ID on discounts in preparation for Phase 2 reward linking
  • Flourish Customer profile and Intake updates to display Loyalty Status and links for detailed Loyalty Signup & Status

Updating the Flourish Point of Sale shopping card to display dynamic loyalty data and redeem points using mapped discounts.

  • Adding new loyalty & search tabs to Flourish's point of sale
  • Loyalty redemption integration with Alpine within the shopping cart
  • POS checkout screen updates related to loyalty rewards and redemptions
  • Receipt updates to add loyalty information

Updating the Flourish Retail Web App to add parity to POS.

  • Receipt updates to add links to the customer's loyalty profile

Integration setup

Alpine IQ: Integration Setup

Discounts & Rewards

Alpine IQ: Creating & Mapping Discounts

Signup & Redemption

Alpine IQ: Customer Signup, Profiles, Redemptions

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