Receive Inbound Transfers and Purchase Orders (No Compliance System)

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The inbound workflow is the following:

  • Use Purchase Orders to create a purchase for the inventory that you are buying.
  • Use Transfers to record and receive the inventory against the Purchase Orders.

With the new ability to receive packages from transfers on Inbound Purchase Orders, you can now do the following:

  • Receive packages from multiple transfers on one Inbound Purchase Order. 
  • Receive packages on a transfer on various Inbound Purchase Orders. 


If you want one user to be able to perform all the actions below, the User Role must have the following permissions toggled 'On' for the user role:

  • Access to Transfers.
  • Create inbound transfers.
  • Receive inventory on inbound transfers.
  • Assign inventory on inbound transfers to PO.
You may want different roles with different access levels to match your workflow.

To do that:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select User Roles.
  3. Make sure to select the facility you need.
  4. Click the icon to CONFIGURE.
  5. Locate the Inbound Card.
  6. Ensure the toggle for View and Update in ON for Transfers.
  7. Next to the Transfers line on the Inbound Card, click to configure the Actions for the Inbound Transfers modal.
  8. Toggle 'On' The following:
    1. Assign inventory on inbound transfers to PO
    2. Create inbound transfers
    3. Receive inventory on inbound transfers
  9. Close the modal.
  10. Click Save.
Log in and log out to see the setting updates take effect.

Create a Purchase Order


Create Inbound Transfers

  1. Go to Inbound.
  2. Click Transfers.
  3. Click To enter the "Create Inbound Transfer" screen:
  4. Type the Manifest Number.
  5. Select the Shipper.
  6. Click .

  1. Flourish creates a new Inbound Transfer:


Record The Transfer Inventory

In this step, you record the inventory on the transfer. You have yet to receive it.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select the item.
  3. Type or scan the package ID.
  4. Type the LOT.
  5. Type the QUANTITY.
  6. Adjust the TOTAL COST.
  7. Click the to save the line.
  8. Click the red X to remove the line.


To Void is to remove lines from the transfer

You can do it in several ways:

A single line:

  1. Click the red X to remove the line
  2. Click to confirm.

Multiple lines:

  1. Select the lines you want to remove by checking the boxes next to them
  2. Click the Void Button on the top right to void (remove) them. 
  3. Click to confirm.

Void the whole transfer:

  1. Click the Void Button on the top right to void (remove) the whole transfer.
  2. Click to confirm. The transfer is now Voided.


Receive Inventory to PO

  1. Check a box or more next to the transfer lines.
  2. Click Receive.
  3. Select the Purchase Order to receive. You can Select No PO to receive the package to your inventory without associating it with a Purchase Order.
  4. Select the PO ITEM to receive. 
  5. Select the Area
  6. Select the Location
  7. Click Assign & Receive
  8. Click Print to print Package labels.
  9. Update the Purchase Order if you need
Video Basic Receive

Video Receive to multiple POs

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