Mobile Scanning Devices

Updated 3 weeks ago by Michael Goss

We have two main categories of mobile scanning devices that work well with the Flourish Android Mobile App. View the approved hardware list here:

  1. Zebra scanners: all-in-one scanner devices that include a laser scanner and the Android operating system.
  • Fastest workflow. Using a Zebra or similar laser scanner device will have a scan button on the side and allow users to point and scan quickly.
  • Zebra TC210k all-in-one scanner device (~$700)
    • Zebra DataWedge App setup. Zebra DataWedge comes pre-installed on all Zebra devices and is the app that connects the laser scanner and the Flourish Android app and comes.
  • Or any laser scanner device with the Android OS.
  • View the list of scanners on our approved hardware (need to update the scanner options).

  1. Any Android phone or tablet with a camera:
  • Slower workflow due to the added step in each scan of tapping the scan icon and engage the camera scanner, then the camera needs to focus and read the barcode or QR code.
  • Requires 4.4 Android OS and up with at least an 8mp camera.

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