Bulk Actions - Add to a Manufacturing Run

Updated by Carly Westfall

Bulk Actions for Manufacturing Runs allows for a convenient way to add multiple packages at once to a Manufacturing Run. Some examples include: combining bulk flower for pre-rolls, homogenizing multiple batches of distillate, or several trim packages to be extracted.

  1. Start with Inventory Tab, then All Packages grid, and click Bulk Actions.
  2. Select Add to Manufacturing Run.
  1. Select the Packages you want to add to the Manufacturing Run by checking the boxes that populate next to the Item in your inventory grid.
Tip: Use the search bar to filter by Item Name or use inventory grid filters to filter by category. You then can "Select All Filtered Packages" if desired.

  1. If using a USB scanner, click Scan Packages first, and scan your package labels.
  1. Click Start New Manufacturing Run, or click Add to Existing Run.
    1. If you selected Adding to Existing Run: Select the Existing Manufacturing Run from the drop-down menu and click Add to Existing Manufacturing Run.
  1. Click Yes to confirm starting the Manufacturing Run.
  2. That's it. The Manufacturing Run has been started, and you can continue to process it in the Manufacturing Module.
For more information on the next steps in Manufacturing Runs, see: Start a New Manufacturing Run and start with Step 6.

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