2023.04.04 Software Release 4.84.0

Version 4.84.0


  1. Early-preview release for our turnkey online menu (B2B wholesale and retail)
    List live inventory and take orders online.
  2. Distribution
    Import and update Destinations in bulk.
  3. Labels
    Print labels for non-cannabis inventory from the All Inventory table.
  4. Inventory
    BOM Performance Improvements
    1. Flourish retains the search parameters when navigating BOMs in the settings UI.
    2. Creating BOMs is much faster for organizations with large item masters.
  5. External API.
    Added Get Plants call.
  6. User Interface enhancements
    1. Improvements to navigating Admin/Retail to more easily access Discounts.
    2. Click once to get to the Lab Results tab.


Flourish Online Menu

Flourish has always supported custom e-commerce solutions both for wholesale and retail. We have the industry's leading API with full coverage over our outbound capabilities. However, many of our clients without development resources want a low-cost, turnkey e-commerce solution to share their menu or take orders alongside the industry tools we already support, such as Leaflink and Jane. We've released an early preview of this. If you are interested, let us know here.

Destinations bulk create and update

Following Items, Vendors, and Strains, you can now use spreadsheets to bulk create and update Destinations in Flourish. Learn more here.

Print labels for non-cannabis inventory from the All Inventory screen. Learn more here.

BOM Improvements

The Back to List button in Flourish retains the search parameters when navigating from BOM details to Settings > Inventory > Items > BOMs.

Creating BOMs much faster

Some of our clients have tens of thousands of items, affecting loading times when adding new components to a BOM. We made improvements so this list populates quickly and allows you to search for the desired item to add to the BOM.

External API

Added Get Plants. Learn more here.

UI Improvements


Discounts are the first tab on the left when navigating to Settings > Retail.

Inventory Lab Results
  1. One Click to get to the Lab Results table.
  2. Actions are on the "Actions" menu.

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