Facility Tag Settings

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Use tags to control item visibility and retail discounts.

Tag this facility

The topmost section is where you will apply tags directly to the facility. For instance, you might want to tag a facility with descriptive tags like Retail, Medical, Recreational, Grand Opening, or Open 24 Hours.

Item tags to include at this facility

In this section you can select tags associated with items that should be available for this facility. So for our medical-only facility, we want to select the Med Only tag. If that is the only tag we select, then only items with that tag will be available, so just our 500mg CBD Tincture item right now.

For our rec facility we will select the Rec Only tag in this section, and the 0.5g Pre-Roll item will be available.

Note: If you leave this section empty, it is assumed that all items in your item master will be available for this facility, as long as you do not explicitly exclude items by tag in the next section. If you would like to see a list of exactly which items for the item master are included and excluded by the chosen tags, simply click Preview in the upper right of the section.
Item tags to exclude at this facility

Here we select tags for items that should NOT be available at the selected facility. Continuing our example, we could select the Rec Only tag here for the medical-only location, and the Med Only tag for the rec-only location, and those items would be unavailable as expected.

However, tagging allows us to be very fine-grained with item availability. Imagine we sell a couple different brands of high-dose vape pens, ACME and MMJ Unlimited. In Flourish these would be two separate items, and we could tag them with their brand names, for example. Both of the items would be tagged with Med Only, so by default they would both be available at our medical-only location.

But perhaps at this medical-only retail location we want to sell only the ACME line of vapes to test their appeal. So we could add MMJ Unlimited to the list of excluded tags, and the MMJ Unlimited vapes would not be available in Flourish at this facility. Again, you can survey the included and excluded items by clicking the Preview button.

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