Bulk Actions - Combine Packages

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Use the Bulk Actions to combine several packages into one larger package quickly.

Configuring the Bulk Combine Action

Use a system configuration to limit this action only to allow bulk combining for packages of the same Item and/or Lot. If enabled, there is a prompt for the Item and/or Lot before selecting the packages.

Configuration Setting

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. Select the facility you need to configure.
  4. Locate Inventory.
  5. Find "Disable Bulk package actions". Keep it OFF.
  6. Toggle ON the attributes you want to limit.
  7. Scroll up and click

Toggle ON "Disable Bulk package actions" to disable this feature.

Toggle ON "Disable Bulk package actions" to disable this action.

Using the Bulk Combine Action

  1. Open the Inventory module and then click the Bulk Actions button.
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  1. Click Combine Packages.
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Use the search bar to filter by Item Name or use inventory grid filters to filter by category. You then can "Select All Filtered Packages" if desired.
  1. Select the packages to combine and create a new package.
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  1. Click Combine Packages after all packages have been selected.
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  1. Follow the regular Create a Package from a Package workflow.
  2. Click Cancel to close the "Bulk Action" mode.
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  1. The newly created package will be visible in your All Packages inventory grid.
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