Managing Inventory Lock Codes

Updated by NIr Malchy

The ability to "lock" inventory is essential for helping enforce internal and regulatory controls and processes. When you Lock a package, you specify a Lock Code that helps with the following:

  • Lock Code Name - usually is the answer to "Why did I lock this package"?
  • Lock Code Rules - What can I do or cannot do with this package?

Manage Lock Codes:

  1. Go to Setting/Inventory
  2. Select Items / Inventory Lock codes
Lock Code Menu Option

Available Actions:

  • Create a New Lock Code
  • Disable a Lock Code
  • Enable a Lock Code
  • Rename a Lock Code

Lock Code Rules:



Allow allocation to outbound order

Enabling this will allow a user to still add the inventory to an outbound order. This is useful if you want to prevent users from creating new inventory from the locked inventory, but you still want to be able to transfer it out of the facility.

Exclude the package quantity from global inventory totals

Enabling this will prevent the inventory quantity from displaying in the "global inventory" total. This is useful if a user in another facility should not expect the inventory to be available for them to request.

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