2024.05.30 Software Release 4.106.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.106.0


  1. Flourish Software Database upgrade. 
    Upgraded Our Database.
  2. METRC.
    1. Nevada - New "Allergens" item attribute
    2. Adding Tissue Culture as a source to create clones.
    3. Adding Retry Sync Actions.
  3. Item Master
    Adding the "Allergens" and "Item Ingredients" fields to the Item Master.
  4. Reporting
    1. Ancestry Reports.
    2. New Reports.
  5. Retail
    Customer Order Audit Log Enhancement.
  6. External API
    1. Enhancing Endpoints.
    2. Adding new Endpoints.
  7. Contact Support
    Saving time and focusing on what's important.


Upgrading Our Database

Our upgrade enhances our database infrastructure, improving performance, security, scalability, and analytical capabilities. These enhancements ultimately translate to a better experience with faster, more secure, and more reliable access to our services and applications.


Nevada - Sync "Allergens" field on the Item

METRC implemented new item category requirements in Nevada to report this field when syncing an item to the state track and trace system. This is now handled by the Flourish integration.

Adding Tissue Culture to Create Clones

Following RI, CA, and NJ regulations, we added Tissue Culture from Cloning, Mother, Vegetable, or Flower Groups as a source to create clones.

Adding Retry Sync Actions

We continuously add new features to enable you to retry syncing and maintain compliance. 

  • You can now retry to sync a harvest after moving if it went out of sync due to a METRC permissions issue. Learn more here about Retry Harvest Sync.
  • If you created a plant batch with a Strain that does not exist in METRC, you can resolve this and resync the batch. Learn more about getting your clone batch back in sync.

Item Master

New item field: "Item Ingredients"

We are adding the "Item Ingredients" field in the items Master, Label Maker, API, and our Bulk Update/Create actions to easily address the requirement of listing ingredients on packaging.

New item field: "Allergens"

We are adding the "Allergens" field in the items Master, Label Maker, API, and our Bulk Update/Create actions to easily address the requirement of listing known allergens on packaging, following FDA guidance.


Customer Order Audit Log Enhancement

We are enhancing back-end processes and data structures to provide access to Order Activity data for viewing and auditing. Clicking the "View Order Activity" link will display events for this order, including older purchases.

View Order Activity

External API

Enhancing Endpoints

The GetInventory Endpoint returns the lab test results ID.

Working with e-commerce platforms such as Jane, we are now sending the lab results ID data to streamline the marketplace and online menu operations.

New Endpoints

We create a GetPackages and a GetPackageByID endpoint so that you can pull historical package data from the API.

Take a look at our detailed API Docs for details on the API.


Ancestry Reports

Following the database upgrade, you can get ancestry and lineage data, extracting insightful information for your work processes.

We created the Ancestry Reports below:

Harvest Package Descendants

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Cultivation - Harvest Package Descendants.

Select a harvest package to see all of the child packages that have been created from that as a source all the way to finished goods. Learn more about Harvest Package Descendants.

Manufacturing Package Descendants

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Manufacturing - Manufacturing Package Descendants.

Select a manufacturing input package to see all of the child packages created from that as a source all the way to finished goods. Learn more about Manufacturing Package Descendants.

Manufacturing Package Ancestry

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Manufacturing - Manufacturing Package Ancestry.

Similar to the ancestry reports, this report lists all the output packages for manufacturing runs. With the 'Child Package ID' feature, you can efficiently trace back all the parent packages that went into a specific child package. It's the Manufacturing Package Descendants report, but it is reversed. Learn more about Manufacturing Package Ancestry.

New Reports

Accounts Receivable Aging Report Order Details

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Accounting - Accounts Receivable Aging Report Order Details.

Get a comprehensive view of the AR Aging Report. This report is based on live data and lists each outstanding order. Once you log a payment for an outbound order, the order will be marked as PAID.

Outgoing Packages

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Sales - Outgoing Packages

This report gives you easy access to your outgoing packages for outbound orders. It's focused on the package level and puts the packaged date and shipped date next to each other to compare how fast inventory moves.

Company Packages

  • Find it in Settings/Analytics/Reports/Packages - Company Packages

Efficiently view all packages across your entire company, regardless of whether they are in your inventory or not. This functionality is a great tool for quickly finding packages across multiple locations or identifying lot numbers across various packages. You can filter by facility, package ID, lot number, or package status, enhancing your productivity.

Contact Support

We linked our 'Contact' buttons directly to the form on your support portal, saving you time and focusing on the details you provide to help us help you. Check out how to get in touch with the support team.

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