2024.03.05 Software Release 4.102.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.102.0


  1. Outbound
    1. Flourish's new Outfield CRM Integration.
    2. New York Shipping Manifest.
    3. We added the package "Production Date" to the allocation screen.
  2. Inventory
    Continue support additional PDF formats to Record Lab results.
  3. Retail
    Adjustments to Alpine IQ receipts.
  4. Flourish Wholesale Portal Enhancements.
    1. WooCommere Plugin Notifications.
    2. Enhanced Order Sync Functionality.
  5. Printing
    For CYBRA MarkMagic® clients, label templates now display the "Library" name before the label "Format" for improved clarity.
  6. Reporting
    New reports and enhancements.



Flourish - Outfield Integration

Outfield is a field sales and CRM software solution designed for businesses with outside sales representatives and brand ambassadors to boost sales team productivity. The integration lists live inventory, supports bidirectional deal/order syncing, and keeps items and customers in sync between the two systems. This is a mobile-optimized application that is really worth checking out. Learn more here.

New York Shipping Manifest

We've released a new New York-specific shipping manifest in the OCM's format, which will save you time and keep you compliant. Find the "NY Manifest" export on the Shipment screen.

"Production Date" On Allocation

To help with allocation decisions, we've added the package's "Production Date" to the allocation screen for outbound orders. Click on the grid configuration to enable it and arrange this screen to meet your fulfillment needs.

"Production Date" On Allocation


Upload PDF Lab Results Progress

We are thrilled to see how many of you save time by uploading PDFs to Record Lab results. We are constantly adding support for more new formats to serve the variety COA designs. Learn more here about Recording a lab result and uploading COAs.


Following the Alpine IQ rebranding, we updated our POS, web app, and receipts to show their updated logo and we made the QR codes smaller to use less paper.

Flourish Wholesale Portal Enhancements

 WooCommere Plugin Notifications

You will receive in-app notifications for necessary updates or installations.

 Enhanced Order Sync Functionality

We added a "Sync to Flourish" action for rare cases when an order wasn't synced previously or due to some issue. The "Sync to Flourish" action triggers a manual sync attempt by the plugin, providing error feedback to administrators if any problems arise. Learn more here about the Flourish Wholesale Portal, our B2B eCommerce menu.

Sync an order to Flourish


CYBRA MarkMagic®

We have made some improvements for our clients who use CYBRA MarkMagic® software. When printing package labels using Flourish, you will find it easier to identify the "Formats" you need from the dropdown menu. We have added the "Library" name before the label "Format" name so you can quickly identify which "Library" the "Format" belongs to. This will help you easily select the correct label format and avoid confusion. Libaries are great to seperate brands, QA, etc. when managing labels.

For example, when you name your "Format" as "PACKAGE TEMPLATE" under the "FSTEST" library, it will appear in Flourish as "FSTEST - PACKAGE TEMPLATE."

Click here to learn more about CYBRA MarkMagic®.


New Analytic Reports

Cultivation - Daily Plant Group Snapshot

  • Find this report in Analytics > Reports > Cultivation.
  • This facility-level report provides a snapshot of the plants alive on a specific date. It also offers insights into the grouping, area, stage of growth, and status of those "Alive" plants.

Retail - Order Time to Complete Per Store

  • Find this report in Settings > Analytics > Reports > Retail.
  • This company-level report will provide you with the average and total time (in minutes) it takes for purchases to go from "Created" to "Completed" per store.

Reporting Enhancements

Cultivation - Plant Detail Report

  • Find this report in Analytics > Reports > Cultivation.
  • In this facility-level report, there are multiple changes to the reported columns of information:
    • Columns are rearranged for better readability.
    • Added a column for "Strain Type."
    • Added a column for the Plant Tag's "Current Area" name.
    • Added a column for "Plant Status."
    • Added a column for "Plant Destroyed Kill Date."

Retail - Customer Purchases Report

  • Find this report in Settings > Analytics > Reports > Retail.
  • In this company-level report, we added multiple tiles to provide more robust data for you. There are now 2 Tiles on this report:

Customers by Facility.” This tile will showcase the order totals and the number of orders placed based on each facility.

"Customers Report". This tile will showcase your customers' combined order totals and counts at all facilities. You can use this tile to filter for the "Order Count" column in descending order to see who your most frequent customers are, regardless of location.

Customers Report on the "Customer Purchases Report"

For Both Tiles:

We added columns for the "Average Total Amount" to both tiles to calculate the ‘Total Amount’ divided by the ‘Order Count’ for the row.

If you change the report's filter for "Facility Name" to be anything other than "is any value," then the tiles on the report will only provide results for the specified facility or facilities.

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