Enable the creation of new items from the Inventory Screens

Updated by NIr Malchy

Usually, users create new items from the Settings/Inventory part of the application. However, some workflows in Flourish include the option to create new items via the Inventory screens.

To do that, your User Role must have the "Create items (update company item master)" toggled 'On.'

Follow the steps below to update the User Role to enable the creation of new items from the Inventory screens.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select User Roles.
  3. Make sure to select the facility you need.
  4. Click the icon to CONFIGURE.
  5. Locate Inventory.
  6. Next to the Inventory line, click to enter the Actions for the "Inventory Inventory" modal.
  7. Toggle 'On' "Create items (update company item master)".
  8. Close the modal.
  9. Click Save.
Log in and log out to see the setting updates take effect.

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