Overview: Plant Groups and Plant Batches

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Both Metrc and non Metrc users will be using the concept of "plant groups". When plants are propagated, they typically have a destination in mind. For example, if you are going to harvest a flower room, you want new plants to fill that room with. To minimize downtime, you will be cutting clones with enough time to be ready to flower once the mature plants are harvested.

Plant grouping accomplishes another helpful task, it reduces the number of plants you have to apply an action item to. Instead of having to move plants individually, you can simply move the group, and all the plants in that group will move.

Plant Groups are established at the time you create plants, but they can also be made by splitting a plant group.

See Splitting a plant group:

A plant batch is only for Metrc users. An immature plant batch is a limit set by the state regulations on how many plants can be together without needed either a unique name or Metrc tag number. The concept of plant grouping is specific only to Flourish and does not sync to Metrc. However, plant batches do sync to Metrc. Some things to note:

1. You can have multiple strains in a Flourish plant group.

2. You can have multiple plant batches in a Flourish Group.

3. You can split plant batches up, but you need to apply a new plant batch tag or name as well as a new Flourish Group name.

See Splitting Immature Plant Groups:

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