Overview: Plant Groups and Plant Batches

Both Metrc and non Metrc users will be using the concept of "plant groups". Plant grouping is very. Plant grouping reduces the number of plants you have to apply an action item to. Instead of having to move plants individually, you can simply move the group, and all the plants in that group will move.

Plant Group Naming:

Use a name that helps drive organization and process, such as a cut date, harvest date, rack level, etc. The key is to have a defined naming plan and to be consistent. For example: "Strain XYZ - 12/1/22"

Create a Plant Group:

You can define a group when propagating plant or as you promote plants to veg/flower.

  • You can have multiple strains in a Flourish plant group.
  • You can have multiple plant batches in a Flourish Group.
  • A Group will only be in one Phase or one Area at a time
See Splitting a plant group: How to split a group
Plant Batches and Immature Plant Groups:

In clone/propagation the plants are not individually tagged, even though Flourish does have an underlying record for each cutting.

Metrc introduces the concept of an Immature Plant Batch. For Metrc, in certain states (Oregon, Rhode Island) the user can name a plant batch anything they choose. In other states (California, Michigan, etc.) the plant batch corresponds to a Metrc Tag. Metrc restricts plant batches can only have 100 cuttings per batch. However, refer to state guidance for specifics on this point. Multiple Plant Batches can be in one Group.

See Splitting Immature Plant Groups: Splitting Immature Plant Groups

Non-Metrc Example:

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